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NVLPC Trauma Conference: Working With the Military & Civilian Client

Jan Beauregard, Ph.D. – Presenter November 8, 2013

News Release, NVLPC Newsletter, December 2013

The last presentation of the day brought some needed energy into the room. Jan Beauregard, Ph.D., LPC, Clinical Director of the Integrative Psychotherapy Institute in Fairfax, presented Body Based Techniques which she uses to guide clients toward integrating healing through movement and yoga. Beauregard explained, “The goal of teaching Trauma Sensitive Yoga Techniques to trauma clients, is to help them forge a better relationship with their bodies and improve affect regulation.” The audience was able to get an opportunity to practice the following yoga asanas (postures): Seated Mountain Pose, Sun Breaths, Seated Leg Lifts, and Earth Tree sky. She also guided us through the use of pranayama (breathing techniques) and explained the importance of the breath in working with clients who have experienced trauma.

Beauregard suggested checking with a client’s yoga teacher to make sure they are sensitive to clients who may be experiencing PTSD or trauma. She cautioned sending clients to a yoga studio where a teacher may do ‘hands-on corrections’ of the client’s yoga postures. Beauregard explained the healing power of yoga comes from the observing presence one can develop. Lastly, the workshop participants gained an understanding of combining talk therapy with Sensorimotor work as we watched a live participant (client) work with Jan, in order to foster emotional healing. Jan is an artful therapist!

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