Treatment for trauma, substance abuse, sexual compulsivity and eating disorders

Addiction Professional of the Year Award

Dr. Jan Beauregard has a broad reputation in the metro DC area for her expertise in addiction, trauma, compulsive behavior and recovery issues. Her specialties include relapse prevention, substance abuse psycho-education, anxiety, PTSD, dissociative disorders, self-harming behaviors, eating disorders, sexual anorexia, codependency and sexual addiction. She has training from the Family Therapy Practice Center in Washington, DC; training in imagery and hypnosis from the Center for Healing and Imagery; traning in Gestalt Therapy from the Gestalt Therapy Center of Washington DC; advanced training in EMDR from the EMDRIA Institute and is completing Level III of Sensorimotor Psychotherapy from the Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute in Bounder, CO.

Dr. Beauregard is nationally known as a talented workshop presenter and educator. She has presented widely on the integration of recent advances in neuroscience with a trauma informed process to treat addictive disorders. Dr. Beauregard also has an active consultation practice and conducts consultation groups for therapists interested in developing expertise working in with trauma patients.

Dr. Beauregard’s Acceptance Speech

Unsung Hero Award – Recognized by Jan Beauregard, PhD for outstanding work in the field of trauma and integrated methods to reduce rates of recidivism.

Dr. Mark Lawrence

 Mark was a graduate of Harvard Medical School and, in 1984, Co-Founded the Center for Healing and Imagery. In addition to his psychiatric practice, he served as a teacher and mentor to hundreds of therapists in the Washington Metropolitan area for over 40 years. I had the good fortune of being a part of his clinical case seminar consultation group for over 14 years and his teachings were among the finest in my development as both a therapist and educator.

His contribution to the field of addiction was in his awareness that to treat addictive disorders effectively, one had to be trained and skilled in working with complex trauma and dissociative disorders. He brought a unique combination of enthusiasm, brilliance, humility and compassion to the work and additionally was among the finest of men. He was a master at integrating expressive therapies with ego state work, EMDR, guided imagery and hypnosis.

Although Dr. Lawrence died tragically in 2011, the Center of Healing and Imagery lives on through the efforts of Susan Drobis, LCSW and Dr. Cynthia Margolies who continue to train and mentor in the same fine spirit. Dr. Cynthia Margolies of the Center of Healing and Imagery will receive this award on Dr. Lawrence.s behalf.

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